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Our roofers will perform a thorough examination of the problem so that we can offer you the solution that best fits your situation.

We Are a Roofing Maintenance Company With Years of Experience

Anything of value requires regular maintenance to keep it in stellar condition. You probably have your car serviced regularly for oil and engine tune-ups. Even our teeth need regular check-ups to make sure they stay clean and healthy.

Your roof is no exception to the valuable things in your life that require regular maintenance!

To ensure that your roof stays secure and strong to protect your home , homeowners should consistently conduct professional residential roof maintenance in Charleston . Failing to check your roof for leaks and erosion from the elements can lead to costly repairs or a replacement too soon.

What’s the best approach to roof maintenance? Contact our experts at Roofing USA for professional inspections and maintenance!

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We Offer Customizable Preventative Maintenance Plans

Scheduling a regular inspection for roof maintenance is significantly less costly than expensive repairs after a problem goes unnoticed for too long. Our dedicated team at Roofing USA is ready to provide a customizable roof maintenance program, depending on the size of your property and the unique materials of your roof. With our plans, you can prevent significant emergencies that can occur when your roof isn’t well-maintained.

When our experienced technicians arrive at your home , we will carefully examine your roof to identify any hidden leaks and cracks under the roofline. We inspect the roof valleys near the vents, pipes, chimney, and gutters to make sure that none have become loose or worn, and check cement or metal roof flashing to look for signs of cracking or deterioration.

Additionally, we look for missing tiles or shingles, then fill any small gaps with superior replacements so your roof always enhances your home’s curb appeal. Our specialists will also keep track of any minor repairs we make to keep an eye out during future inspections to help you avoid being surprised by a sudden, disastrous leak.

Contact Us for a Free Inspection

We know that residents who live in Charleston are very busy with everything it takes to take care of their homes. However, it is important to start regular roof maintenance (sooner rather than later) to avoid scrambling for emergency repairs later.

Our affordable roof maintenance plans also add real market value to your home when it’s time to sell. So, take advantage of our comprehensive maintenance programs at Roofing USA, Charleston, by scheduling afree roof inspection.

Residential Roof Maintenance FAQs

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What to expect from your Inspection

Before we begin any maintenance tasks for your roof, we perform a full inspection to ensure that our recommendations are as accurate as possible. If we find an issue requiring repair (or potentially a roof replacement), we’ll discuss your options.

We’re not like other residential roofing maintenance companies! We work with homeowners to learn about your needs and develop a plan that fits your budget.

Give us a call today, and let us prove it to you!

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Severe Storm Center

With resources all across the Southeastern United States , Roofing USA is positioned to help your home or business in the aftermath of a large scale or isolated severe weather event.

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