Metal roofing offers many advantages over other roofing systems. But how do I know if it is the best option for my home?


The length of life of metal roofing systems is a great place to start when it comes to the benefits offered by metal roofs: 

  • Metal roofing systems can last for 40 to 50 years. However, with proper maintenance, they can last as long as 70 years.  
  • They are minimally affected by mold, moss, or fungal growth. 
  • Termites and other pests just don’t stand a chance against metal sheeting which asphalt shingles can’t compete with.
  • The rust-proof coating prevents the metal sheeting from corroding or cracking, which helps keep the roof lasting for decades. 

Roofing USA is proud to offer a 50-year product warranty on all of our roofing products. 

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Metal roofing can sustain a variety of weather conditions. From hot, sultry summer days with high humidity to mild, cool winters, the durability of metal roofing is unbeatable. The strength of the sheeting is an excellent choice in hurricane season and potential damage caused by the high winds. 

Most metal roofing systems carry the highest rating possible against fire damage, a Class A fire-resistant rating. A common cause of residential fires occurs when wind-blown embers get trapped under asphalt shingles, so metal roofs offer much-needed protection in fire-prone areas. 

Easy to maintain

Maintenance on a metal roof is minimal. 

  • For starters, it is important to keep your gutters clear of debris, especially if you live surrounded by many trees. 
  • Branches and trees can scratch up your roof, which could cause damage to the sheets. 
  • Keep an eye on any dirt or stains after severe storms. 

It is recommended we service your roof annually to protect its longevity, and replace any aged fasteners.


Metal roofing has been shown to reduce interior cooling costs by as much as 20% because, as the reflective sheets diminish the warm rays of the summer sun. This results in less heat being transferred into the interior of the home. 

Metal roofing can be 100% recycled and will not fill up our landfills.


As stated above, metal roofs can last decades, making the investment of great value. The cost of a metal roof is higher than that of an asphalt roof, however the payoff is well worth the investment considering they last up to two times as long.

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Roofing USA in Charleston offers several types of metal roofing.

Aluminum Roofing 

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, and excellent against fire and wind. This is the most common metal roofing used in the Charleston area.

Copper Roofing 

Copper roofs stand out against other roofing materials. When new, it is shiny and beautiful, however with age, it oxidizes and turns copper green. This roofing product is strong, and resilient, not to mention, it helps to lower your yearly energy costs. 

Corrugated Metal

These roofs are made from prefabricated, galvanized steel that is rolled into a U-panel or R-panel style. This type of metal directs water off of your roof making it an excellent choice in the rainy season

Steel Roofing

 Energy-efficient, lightweight, fire-resistant, and recyclable, steel is known to last longer than aluminum, zinc, or copper roofing with proper care. 

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing

Standing-seam roofs are durable roofing systems, offering snap-lock, mechanical lock, or batten panel seams. Depending on your needs, you can choose which one best suits your building. 

Roofing USA has proven to be a high-quality, reliable professional Charleston roofing company ready to go that extra mile for all of your roofing needs. Contact us, today, to discuss how we can help you find the perfect metal roof for your home!

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