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Roof Repairs in Charleston: 7 Common Causes of Roof Damage
Nov 22, 2022Roofing USAShare

Your roof plays an integral role in the protection of your home and everything inside including you and your family. Keeping your roof in top shape means knowing the most common culprits of roof damage, so you can always be ready to seek repairs from a qualified professional like Roofing USA in Charleston when needed.

7 Leading Causes of Roof Damage in Charleston

1. Storm Damage

Severe storms are one of the leading causes of roof damage, not just in Charleston, but across the United States . While Charleston doesn’t often suffer direct hits, with the Atlantic Hurricane Season running from June 1st to November 30th, roofs in the area are at major risk from the resulting high winds and severe weather often seen on the outskirts of these extreme storms.

2. Winter Weather

With Charleston located within what is considered a temperate to subtropical climate, you wouldn’t imagine that winter weather would pose a major threat to roofs, would you? And, to be fair, you’d be right. It’s not a major threat, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat at all. Charleston averages 20-30 days per year when the temperature drops below freezing which can put your roof at risk of ice damage.

3. Summer Weather

Summer weather tends to be a much bigger threat to Charleston roofs than winter weather, which makes sense when you consider that the temperature is at least 80°F for an average of 175-180 days per year and at least 90°F for an average of 65-70 days per year. With June through July showing an average high of over 90° every day your roof is at risk of excessive UV damage and weakening materials from the heat.

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4. Old Age

It’s a simple fact that, like everything, roofs age. No roof will last forever, and, as your roof ages, you’ll experience damage that will require repairs or even replacements . While it’s highly dependent on the specific roofing system installed on your home, you can expect the average Charleston roof to last around 20-25 years.

5. Trees

Trees undeniably add curb appeal and a bit of whimsy to your property, bringing nature close to home. That said, they can also take a big toll on your roof. Trees that are close to your home can exacerbate regular wear and tear to the roof, contribute to debris accumulation, and pose a risk of punctures from fallen limbs.

6. Moss

Precipitation levels in Charleston surpass the national average by a solid 10 inches. With an average of 48 inches of precipitation per year, it’s safe to say that Charleston is a wet climate. Living in a wet climate greatly increases the risk of moss growth . Moss that is growing on your roof will continue to soak up water each time it rains, eventually resulting in the degradation of your roof and water damage to both the exterior and interior of the home.

7. Algae

While moss loves rain, algae loves humidity – something that Charleston has in large supply with an average humidity of 50% to 65% throughout the year. Algae’s tell-tale black streaking is not only unsightly, but it can also increase the likelihood of water damage and other problems with your roof.Do you suspect that your Charleston roof has sustained damage in some way?CallRoofing USAto schedule a freeinspectionand talk to one of our experts about the ways we can help!



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