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Our roofers will perform a thorough examination of the problem so that we can offer you the solution that best fits your situation.

Why Choose Roofing USA for New Roof Installation

Building a home in Charleston? You'll want a team who knows the local ropes, especially when it comes to roofing. That’s where Roofing USA comes in – we’re your friendly neighborhood pros who've got your back.

Our team gets it – we know the quirks of Charleston roofs inside and out. Whether you’re crafting your dream home from scratch or you're a builder with big plans for a new community, you can count on us to deliver a roof that’s not just built but crafted with care, quality, and a touch of local charm.

Partnering with Roofing USA means you’re starting every home off on the right foot (or the right roof, should we say!). We collaborate closely with contractors and builders, ensuring that every home is topped with a roof designed to last and look great for years.

And we’re all about peace of mind, too. Every roof we fit comes with our own warranty, plus the rock-solid GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. If you’re looking for a roofing company in Charleston that combines quality work with a friendly chat and honest advice, you’ve just found us. Let’s make your new home something special, starting at the top!

What’s Included in a New Construction Roof Plan?

A lot of planning goes into delivering the best roof for a new home in Charleston! Here's what we include in our new roof installation plans. 

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Dimensions and Specifications

No two roofs are the same! Before we can install a new roof, we detail the dimensions and specifications for each newly constructed roof, including pitch/slope and placements for vents and drains. We'll also document roofing materials and colors. 


Creating a 2-D or 3-D image helps everyone involved see what the roof should look like. These images help ensure the roof is constructed with the correct dimensions and meets the builder's and homeowner's expectations. 

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Cost Estimates

The cost of a new construction roof must fit your budget. We provide a detailed cost breakdown for the roof installation. We also offer solutions to adjust aspects of the roof in the planning stage to fit a builder's or homeowner's budget for a new roof. 


The timing for a new roof installation is critical for the on-time completion of a home build. We provide an estimate of how long the installation will take. We also coordinate with contractors and builders to schedule our roofing team onsite to complete installation. 


Roofing USA Delivers the Best New Construction Roof

Our residential roofing experts are your best resource to install the roof you need for a new home. When planning your new home, reach out to our team to make sure your home has the best roof for Charleston's climate and weather. 

We deliver a no-obligation plan to help you visualize the roof for your dream home! Let us help you top off your newly constructed house with a roof that adds to the curb appeal and protects what matters most to you. 

Residential New Construction FAQs

When is it time to replace my roof?

Determining the right time for a residential roof replacement in the Charleston, Bluffton, and Columbia areas depends on various factors:

Age: If your asphalt shingle roof is 20-25 years old, it's likely time for a roof replacement.

Shingle Condition:
Cracked, curled, or missing shingles indicate a compromised roof.

Leaks: Water stains suggest roof leaks; extensive leaks often mean it's time for a roof replacement.

Granule Loss: Excess granules in gutters signal shingle deterioration.

Visible Sunlight: Sunlight through your roof suggests gaps and calls for a roof replacement.

Moss/Algae: Moss and algae growth indicates diminishing roof protection.

Sagging: An uneven roof signals structural issues requiring replacement.

Energy Bills: Higher bills might result from an aging, poorly insulated roof.

Neighborhood Trends: If neighbors replace roofs, yours might need it, too.

Constant Repairs: Frequent fixes hint at deeper problems, warranting roof replacement.

Should I replace the shingles or the entire roofing system?

When deciding between shingle replacement or repair vs. replacing the entire roofing system, consider factors like shingle damage, roof integrity, age, energy efficiency, and budget.

If shingles are cracked or missing, replacing them might suffice. However, if there are roof leaks, sagging, or structural issues, upgrading the entire roofing system could be more beneficial.

Assess the cost-effectiveness, long-term value, and energy savings of a complete roofing system replacement. Consulting trusted experts, such as Roofing USA Charleston, will provide insights to guide your decision.

Can I replace my roof in the winter?

Yes! While cold weather can present challenges for homeowners, professional licensed roofing contractors (like Roofing USA) are equipped to handle winter installations.

Specialized materials and techniques, such as cold-weather adhesives and proper insulation, ensure effective installation even in colder temperatures. It's important to address any roof leaks or damage promptly to prevent further issues.

Consulting with the most experienced and certified local roofers Charleston, SC, offers (like Roofing USA) leads to insights into the feasibility of a winter roof replacement for your specific situation.

Will a new roof lower my energy bills?

A new residential roof installation can positively impact your energy bills by improving the overall energy efficiency of your home.

One of the key ways this occurs is through enhanced insulation. A new roof often presents an opportunity to upgrade insulation, which can help maintain a consistent indoor temperature by preventing heat from escaping in the winter and keeping it out in the summer.

Additionally, opting for cool roofing materials with high reflectivity and emissivity can reflect a significant amount of sunlight and absorb less heat, leading to a cooler interior and reducing the need for air conditioning.

By addressing these aspects during a roof replacement, you can create a more thermally efficient environment that ultimately reduces energy consumption and lowers energy bills over time.

Is a new roof installation a good investment?

Investing in a new roofing system is a wise financial decision with numerous long-term benefits.

A new roof enhances your property's curb appeal, instantly increasing its value and protection. Additionally, a well-installed roof provides superior protection against outside elements such as hail, rain, and wind. This proactive approach can save you substantial costs in potential repairs down the line.

Modern roofing materials such as the GAF Roofing Timberline series offer enhanced energy efficiency, contributing to reduced utility bills over time. By choosing durable materials and hiring a good roofing company with professional, certified, licensed, and insured installers such as Roofing USA, you ensure a longer roof lifespan and minimize the need for frequent roofing repairs.

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