Storms like hurricanes and tornadoes are destructive and you never really know the damage they will cause to your property until after they have gone through your area. While storms are predictable, damage to your home isn’t always something you know will happen for sure.

During storms, roofs are usually the first to go. We’ve all seen videos of hurricanes and tornadoes ripping off roofs of homes, commercial buildings, and other types of large structures. While we may not be able to predict damage, our team at Roofing USA can help you prepare your roof for any future damage this storm season and beyond.


7 Roof Preparation Tips for Storm Season

Here are some tips to prepare your roof for any kind of storm ahead of time and in an emergency.

1. Keep Trees Trimmed

One of the best ways to keep your home safe from damage is by trimming any nearby trees. If there is a tree close to your home with limbs hanging over your roof, you should get the limbs trimmed. Wind damage can cause limb breakage and trees to split or tip over, so it’s best to remove them ahead of time.

2. Clear Drains and Gutters

Storms can cause water damage, especially if your drains and gutters are not cleared of debris beforehand. Cleaning your gutters is necessary so that your system can do its job and carry the water from your roof to the ground, instead of letting the water build up over a long period of time, causing water damage.

3. Check for Shingle Damage

Checking for shingle damage is simple since you can check for damage from the ground. There are a few indicators of shingle damage like discoloration, curling, and warping of your shingles. You may also notice your shingles are damaged if you ever find one or a piece of one in your yard.

4. Get an Inspection

Regular maintenance for your roof is extremely important for the entire structure of your home. A leaky roof can lead to all kinds of problems like water damage on the inside of your home, a caved-in ceiling, mold, and mildew.

Scheduled maintenance not only helps your roof last longer but also saves you money in repairs in the long run. Always check for wear and tear and contact a trusted roofing company to inspect your roof and perform maintenance or repairs if needed. Repairing your roof can be a very dangerous job, so professional help is always recommended.

5. Invest In Tarps

If you ever miss the chance to prepare your roof for potential damage, you can always purchase tarps after a storm to be safe. After storms, depending on the amount of damage in your area, some roofing companies may not be able to immediately repair your roof. Plastic and tarps can hold your home over until you’re able to get professional help.

6. Check and Update Your Insurance

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to keep a record of what’s covered and what needs to be added or updated. Always keep your roof warranty near your insurance policy so that you can find them in an emergency.

Making an insurance claim can be a lengthy process, but if you stay prepared and have documents nearby, you can speed up the process a little.

7. Add Roofing USA to Your Contact List

If you happen to have damage caused by a storm, consider being proactive and adding a trustworthy roofing company to your contact list. Our team at Roofing USA in Charleston knows the extent of damage that homes in the area face during storm season, and we want you to know we’re here to help. Timing is everything and we can answer any questions, perform routine maintenance, inspections, and make repairs after damage.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your first roof inspection!

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